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Custom cookies
you'll... CRAVE!!



Caramelized Pecans

Custom Orders

All of our cookies and confections are made with love in our home kitchen. Your order will be delivered or shipped nationwide within 48 hours after your purchase!

We can customize your cookie selection(s) to almost any way you desire!  Simply choose a custom cookie from our selection... OR ...make your own CRAVE-able creation!!


Perfect for Any Occasion

Our cookies are perfect for any occasion... whether it be a family gathering, holiday treat, a gift for a loved one, or you just really want a good homemade cookie.  Let the FLOOD BAKING COMPANY bake up a tasty treat for YOU!! 


Katelyn Doyle

I received my order today and these cookies are really delicious, light, and soft. I know I will be ordering again.

Tim Davis

Outstanding, awesome, and amazing cookies. I'm going out of my mind. A great Christmas gift from my wife from the Flood Baking Company!

John Conley

That's the best cookie I've ever eaten! Seriously! Don't be mad at me, Mom.

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